Hi there, I'm Tracy

Hi there, I'm Tracy

I've been in your shoes
and I get it.

I know what’s it’s like to spend your days in a fog, wishing you could just focus on living the abundant life God has designed for you.  You want to feel your best, but instead of rising each morning with joy and anticipation, you wake up with dread at another day of chronic illness.  There is hope!

Life was moving along perfectly for me

Until I woke up with a fever one day that changed my life forever.

We had just moved into a bigger home for our growing family and I was thrilled to have a high private cul-de-sac out front for my littles to play safely and an enormous backyard filled with play houses, gardens, and big climbing trees.  In my arms, I had little Noble to gush over, just six weeks old, perfect and serene.  He was my fifth home birth and, like the others before him, I felt amazing afterwards.  I was ready to spring into life and he was the perfect little addition to my growing brood of mostly boys with one sweet little peach of a girl, Psalm Lily.

I didn’t think much of my fever at the time.  I was that person who rarely got sick , and when I did, some homemade elderberry syrup, a hot bath, and time took care of it nicely.  This time was different though.  I had body aches I couldn’t explain, followed by my first experience with what I have come to learn is called a Cluster Migraine.  The nickname is “Ice Pick Headache” and I can assure you that is appropriate to the experience.  My vision went blurry, my joints began to ache, and I had what I can only describe as electrical “shooting” pains running up and down my nerves.  Random and nonsensical symptoms plagued me for about 5 days, but I kept my chin up.  With a brand new baby to love, absolutely nothing was going to bring me down!

Except this.  And it did.

After the initial feverish/body ache phase passed, I was left with intense brain fog, nerve pain, headaches, and a whole host of random, miscellaneous things like heart palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue, blurry vision, insomnia, joint pain, weight gain, slurred speech, cognitive dysfunction, and body-wide lymph node swelling.

About two months later, and nothing resolving with time, I went to my local doctor with all the concerns of what my new diagnosis could be.  Brain tumor?  Multiple Sclerosis?  Rheumatoid Arthritis?  Lyme disease?  My initial diagnoses were vague and unsatisfactory.  There were times I would pray for some red flag to show up on my blood work that would give me something to research and something to understand.  I remember telling one doc along the way, “It’s hard to fight a battle when you don’t know who your enemy is.”  

Initial blood work showed huge amounts of inflammation, as well as persistent and increased viral markers.  But why?  What is doing this to me?  How can I get better?

I was thrown into a five year battle of Operation: Find the Root Cause and Heal.  Here is what helped me in the end:

      • Being my own advocate and fighting for answers
      • Never giving up on myself and always believing I could heal
      • Searching for providers who listened to me and didn’t blame my random, unexplainable symptoms on it being “all in my head”
      • Reading everything I could about other’s experiences that were similar to me 
      • Focusing on rebuilding my body, one cell at a time.  For example, new cells are created every day.  How could I create more healthy cells tomorrow than I have today?  
      • Prioritizing good sleep, exercise, healthy eating, clean drinking water, and minimizing stress
      • Lots of laughter!  The Bible says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” 
      • Prayer!  Always a mixture of begging in desperation and a whole lot of gratitude that He promises to never leave me
      • Learning about toxicity being at the root of all chronic disease
      • Opening drainage pathways and reducing inflammation through key supplements
      • Using targeted supplements to rid my body of toxicity fueled by bacteria, Candida, heavy metals, Lyme, mold, parasites, viruses, and more
      • Daily journaling, expressing gratitude for my body and what it can do, and affirming that my body is healing more each day


I am so grateful that I am not just where I was before all of this started- I am far better than I was before!  As they say, “Pain changes people.”  Yes, it does…and if you open your heart, even your pain can be turned into a gift.  There is ALWAYS hope.

I am honored to share my journey with you, and help guide you as you navigate yours.


Here's some fun facts about me


I didn’t always want a big family.  Growing up I thought kids were messy, loud, and too much work.  I’m beside myself with joy that I am now a mother- and even though those three things are absolutely true, my children are the most wonderful part about my life (well, and my husband too!). I’ve grown to love their messes, noise, and helping them through life.


I’ve lived several years in Africa and toured much of the world…before kids. I love adventure and I love adventuring with my husband and children.  Someday, I’d love to take my children around the world so they can see much of what I’ve seen.


I believe in nurture over nature.  We are not destined to become what we end up being; we make small choices every single day that determine the sum of our lives.  Want to be different?  Do it!  Put the work in and be 1% better every single day.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were you.  You CAN!