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Looking for a Healthy Cup of Joe?

Do You Love Coffee?

Would you believe me if I told you that I didn’t have my first cup of coffee until I was 40 years old?  I spent many years repulsed by the “burnt” roasted smell and could never relate to those who “needed” caffeine to get their day going.  

It wasn’t until my husband and I were on our first real get-a-way (since becoming parents) in Florida three years ago that I fell in love with the comfort of a hot cup of coffee in my hands.  It started with the experience of it all; cute Italian bakery, small pretty mugs, the beautiful view of the ocean, and accompaniment of an almond croissant that I still dream about. 🥰. Upon returning home, we kept the routines of our trip alive and I was finally, after all these years of watching my husband make himself a cuppa every morning, enjoying one too.  (My husband makes a killer espresso with this gadget right here.  Twenty plus years ago, in college, he bought it for $29 and its still the exact same one we use every morning.)  Three years later, I am still enjoying a morning espresso with my husband and it’s honestly my favorite part of each day.  

I have recently come across a new kind of coffee, which is not nearly as boujee as my handpressed espresso my husband makes every morning, but arguably a much healthier cup.  Organo Gold’s King coffee is an organic instant coffee mixed with organic Reishi mushroom spores.

What is King Coffee?

Why Reishi Mushrooms?

There are over 3,000 published articles on the benefits of Ganoderma. Research has shown a broad array of benefits with no known contraindications or drug interactions. There are no known toxicity levels or drug interactions. 

Some documented benefits:

  • Reduced inflammation (RA, ulcerative colitis, IBS)
  • Balanced immune function (autoimmunity, illness, disease, HIV, HPV, Cancer)
  • Reversal of amyloid plaques on the brain (alzeitherms, dementia, parkinsons)
  • Detoxification (mold, lyme, parasites, candida, heavy metals)
  • Increase in GABA (improve adrenal fatigue and cortisol levels, improved, deeper sleep)

Is Your Cuppa Harming You?

Coffee is one of the most contaminated foods in the American diet.  Sad, I know, but true.  As far as mold growth and pesticide use, it is one of foods with the highest levels of both.  If you are drinking coffee on a regular basis, you will want to confirm that it is organic and certified mold-free.  

Also, many don’t like the feeling they get from their usual caffeinated cup.  Some get headaches, jitters, and an eventual energy crash. 

This doesn’t happen with King!  Many enjoy as much as 4-6 cups a day without any adverse side effects. 

Try King Coffee for Yourself

Organo Gold’s King coffee is a membership group, not an MLM.  Normally it is $49 to join, which allows you to have membership pricing ($35 per box of 25 sachets vs. retail price of $52).  Right now, through the end of January, you can sign up for $20.22.  That’s a great deal!

How Do I Set Up an Account?

Follow these steps using a laptop or computer and not a mobile device:

  1. To set up your Wholesale account, go to:
  2. https://tracyerinwellness.myor…
  3. Select your country.
  4. Next you should see my name, Tracy Rickstrew, and my Distributor ID, 10002359490, at the top of the page.
  5. Scroll down, click Join Now.
  6. Select your country and click OK.
  7. Click Distribution Partner Sign Up (remember, this is a wholesale account with an option to distribute should you choose).
  8. Read and agree to the terms.
  9. Add the English Starter Kit to your order.
  10. To add additional items to your order: Scroll down to Create Your First Order and use the dropdown menu to select any additional items that you would like to receive.
  11. Select Autoship Selection: You can choose to have items placed on autoship, or simply select Skip Autoship. Note: Autoship orders are always fulfilled before retail orders which is another great perk to setting up an autoship order.
  12. Complete your personal information and select a username/password.
  13. Select Payment Info.
  14. Complete your purchase and you are officially signed up.

Have questions?  Run into trouble?  Send me an email and we’ll get it sorted out.  I hope you enjoy making King a part of your day as I have mine.

Tracy Rickstrew

Tracy Rickstrew

I am an Integrative Health Practitioner, Registered Nurse, wife of 20+ years, mother to five strong, adventurous children, and most importantly, a Bible-believing, reformed Christian.

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