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Do You Structure Your Water?

I used to live in West Africa and my Tuareg friends had a common saying, “Water is life.”  I can honestly say that water took on a new meaning for me when I was living in a desert and had to carry all of my own water with me wherever I went.  There were no faucets, no water lines, no stores to get water from when I grew thirsty.  If I had it with me, I would not die.  If I didn’t, well…I always made sure I packed enough water to last me several days.  Water truly was life.

What is Structured Water?

I had never heard of structured water until a few years ago when I started to follow a brilliant man, Dr. Tom Cowan.  His work and research has opened my eyes to many new ways of thinking, namely unlearning, all that I have been previously taught.  I heard him say that, “Health is the state of perfect intracellular gels.”  (Um, excuse me?  What does that mean?)  He explains that our cells contain a “gel” that depend on structured water within the cell to function optimally.  When the water inside our cells become disharmonized, or unstructured, the result is disease.

Structured water, also known as hexagonal water, vortexed water, EZ water, and gel water, is a form of water that is different from H2O with the molecular structure H3O2. Discovered by Dr. Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington, H3O2 is referred to as the 4th phase of water, a form of water beyond liquid, solid, and vapor. It is 10% more dense than H2O and has more dissolved oxygen. Structured water is a hydrating, energized water found everywhere in nature, from waterfalls, rivers and oceans, to plants, animals, and humans. 

What Are the Benefits of Structured Water?

Not only is structured water more energized, it has been proven that H3O2 has lower surface tension than unstructured water. What does this have to do with the health benefits of structured water? 

Well, when water has a lower surface tension, it is charged so that it attracts minerals and nutrients. When H3O2 is inside the body, it has the ability to both bring more nutrients to your cells because of the charge of the water and also “wash” your cells by bringing more toxins out. This is the same principle that laundry detergent and dish soap use, soap is able to clean your clothes and dishes because it lowers the surface tension of the water and is able to wash more than just water can. 

Since H3O2 can both bring energy and make more nutrients bioavailable to your cells, there are many benefits to drinking hexagonal water. The benefits vary based on each person’s environment and health, but it can always improve your hydration. 

Some benefits include:

How Do You Make Structured Water?

Water forms H3O2 when it is exposed to energy–that energy being heat, movement, vortexes, sunlight, or minerals that have energy signatures like every other substance on the earth–that causes it to join with other water molecules in a hexagonal pattern.  That’s the key- a hexagonal pattern. When water has not formed this hexagonal pattern, it is out of harmony and unenergized.

The two ways that I like to structure my family’s water is through sunlight and vortexing.  

  • Sunlight is easy, fast, and free.  Simply fill a gallon-sized glass jar with your distilled drinking water and set in direct sunlight.  The sun’s energy transfers to the water and creates the ideal hexagonal pattern.
  • Vortexing is fast and easy, but does require a minimal upfront purchase.  I use this Analemma water wand, per Dr. Cowan’s research and recommendation.  All you need to do is swirl the wand, which is a glass tube filled with coherent, structured water around your water container for 10-30 seconds, depending on size.  It’s small enough to pack in a purse and take anywhere!
  • Research shows that once water is structured, it is structured indefinitely!

Water is Life

Our human bodies are made up of 60% water and our blood is 90% water.  Not only is the purity of our water vitally important to our health and wellbeing, so is the quality of our water.

Water is mysterious and we have yet to discover all of it’s varieties and principles.  What we do know beyond any doubt is that we cannot live without it.

“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” —Albert Szent

Tracy Rickstrew

Tracy Rickstrew

I am an Integrative Health Practitioner, Registered Nurse, wife of 20+ years, mother to five strong, adventurous children, and most importantly, a Bible-believing, reformed Christian.

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