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What if you could Restore Your Health
and Detox Your Body,
without Guessing,

so that you have more energy, eliminate brain fog, and can finally feel like yourself again.

Does this sound like you?

What if I told you there was a better way?

There is a right and a wrong way to detox…there is also a right way and a wrong way to heal.  The body is made up of systems and when we follow a roadmap to wellness, we shorten the time it takes to get our life back.  Don’t waste your time on things that don’t work.

Stop missing out on life because you don’t have the energy to stay on top of your daily tasks or keep up with your kids!

End the confusion and overwhelm when it comes to how to heal your daily chronic symptoms!

Follow a proven protocol and roadmap that will restore your health no matter what you are currently dealing with!

Kind words from current students.

Are you ready to invest in yourself so that you don't spend one more day feeling less than vibrant health?

let's go with yes!

Focus on Foundations Program

Begin a detox today that actually works!  You will learn new lifestyle habits to achieve optimal health.

Here's what's included:

You will get immediate access to a self-paced program that will guide you through 4 months of root cause education, a scientifically-proven supplemental protocol, and lifestyle recommendations for optimal health.


Go at your own pace!  Whether you like to slow down and enjoy the entire process systematically or blow through content, it’s completely up to you.

12 Month Access

You will have access to all of the program content for 12 months form the purchase date.

Private Community

You will have access to a private group chat where you can ask me questions, share success stories, or reach out for accountability.

Looking for a sneak peek?

You will find dozens of handouts, worksheets, quizzes, and specific instructions for things like, “How do I know if my drainage pathways are open?” or “Tips to relieve detox symptoms.”  You will learn all about nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, emotional health, vibrational states, and specific protocols to perfect your sleep routine. 


Opening Drainage Pathways & Energy Production

This is the most foundational piece in your healing journey.  No matter what you are dealing with, you want to spend the most focus on OPENING YOUR DRAINAGE PATHWAYS.  What does this mean?  First, let’s understand the difference between drainage and detox.

  • Detox is the act of pulling toxins out of the body
  • Drainage is the system of pathways in which these toxins leave the body

Gut Health & Immune System

The digestive tract is critical to address early on in the protocol; specifically the critters that are in the gut.  We start with parasites because they are known to hold on to toxins and other pathogens.  Removing toxins stored within the parasites is only possible when you remove the parasites themselves. Also, removing other pathogens in the body (e.g. fungi and bacteria) becomes much easier once parasites are cleared out.  This one thing can make an enormous impact on your health! 


Whole Body Wellness

This step focuses on whole body wellness.  After opening drainage pathways and scrubbing the gut, your body is now ready to move on.  You have now significantly reduced the toxic load within your cells, tissues, and whole body.  This step focuses on on continuing to address toxins and pathogens, while enhancing immune support to prepare you for even deeper detox.  


Systemic Detox

This step focuses detoxing any environmental toxins that have accumulated simply by our living in our world today.  We must accept that detoxification is no longer a recommendation, but a requirement.  There are over 86,000 chemicals on record and the large majority have no long term studies and no known way to test and detect their presence in the body.  Each of the products in step 4 are, at their root, powerful detoxifying agents.


Next Steps

This module will wrap up the protocol and discuss next steps including daily essential supplements (no more confusion on what to take for optimal health) and where to go from here.  You’ve come a long way baby and I’m proud of you!

Kind words from current students.

Let's talk about the bonuses.

There is always more to healing than swallowing supplements.  I have included simple, easy-to-follow recipes, extra videos on mindset and emotional health, and a very detailed resource guide to help you in your healing journey.


Enjoy my very favorite recipes that are easy to follow, delicious, and help you achieve your health goals.


Bonus videos on Overcoming Anxiety, How to Create a Shut Down Routine, and How to Follow the Light Diet


Get access to my hand-curated resource guide for all things non-toxic related to the home, cleaning supplies, personal care products, makeup swaps, and even intimacy products.

Don’t delay feeling your best any longer!

And just so we're clear...
(Because I don't believe in wasting time)

You're in the right place if:

You're in the wrong place if:

Hi there, I'm Tracy!

I’ve been in your shoes and I get it.  I remember what it was like to deal with so many symptoms on a daily basis that I could barely concentrate on my family.  Not too long ago, I suffered from terrible brain fog, fatigue, hormone dysregualtion, gut pain, and whoooooooole lot of health anxiety. For five years, I was simply trying to survive.

It wasn’t until I began to focus on the foundations of optimal health that I began to turn around the trajectory of my life.  Through daily healthy habits and essential supplementation, I began to get my life back!  

Even though I flew all over the country seeking out the best doctors and treatments, my health didn’t turn around for good until I fixed the BASICS: food, water, movement, mindset, sleep, and sunshine.  I also learned how the body prefers to heal and deconstructed the roadmap to get there with the shortest route possible.  

Learn from my mistakes!  Take the shortest route- to save you time and money.  This is the best I have to offer you for vibrant health…and it’s yours if you want it!









You've got Q's? I've got A's.

While the human body can be quite complicated, there is a lot we know about why the body gets sick and what to do when it does.  This 16-week protocol follows a proven roadmap that takes the body through a series of layers in order to detox in a way that lessens reactions and speeds up healing time.

Many people jump right into “treating” stealth infections and autoimmune disorders without FIRST prepping the body to heal.  This ends in disaster!  Not only do they waste time and money, but people begin to lose hope that they can truly ever heal.  It doesn’t matter what you are dealing with physically, focusing on the foundations of health MUST be in place before you can reverse dis-ease and create optimal, vibrant health.

Not at all!  When you give your body what it needs to heal, you should experience LESS symptoms not more.  This protocol is designed specifically to help your body detox in less time and with less symptoms.   

It is recommended to separate the supplements in the protocol by two hours from any pharmaceuticals. Always check with your health practitioner before starting a new regimen.

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Joining "Focus on Foundations" is easy!

This program contains everything you need to know about Foundational Health, including nutrition guidelines, what type of water to drink, how to perform healthy habits like dry brushing, castor oil packs, and even advanced techniques like coffee enemas (completely optional, by the way!).  Also, exercise guidelines, why morning sun is important for our health, recovering our mental and emotional health, and education on essential daily supplementation.

Focus on Foundations Program


Get instant access to the entire 16 week, self-guided program.

Focus on Foundations


Get instant access to the program with the addition of one 1:1 consult with me.

If you've still got questions for me or want to chat, please email me anytime! I'd love the chance to chat further, no pressure, I promise.