If you're ready to go from sick, tired, and overwhelmed...

to thriving in motherhood....

Does any of this sound familiar?

Going through your day consumed with your symptoms

Wondering why you’re sick and if you’ll ever get better

Wishing you had the energy and vitality you used to have so that you could give your family your best

Hi there, I'm Tracy!
Hi there, I'm Tracy

I've been in your shoes
and I get it.

I know what’s it’s like to spend your days in a fog, wishing you could just focus on living the abundant life God has designed for you.  You want to feel your best, but instead of rising each morning with joy and anticipation, you wake up with dread at another day of chronic illness.  There is hope!

Work with Me One TO One

As an Integrative Health Practitioner I focus on a holistic, functional approach to health and wellness by integrating specialized knowledge and proven protocols to help clients identify root causes to their symptoms and empower them with education and knowledge to achieve their optimal health and wellness.  

This appointment includes:

* Detailed Health History, including dental work and emotional traumas

* Toxicity Questionnaires

* Lifestyle & Nutritional Review

* Lab Recommendations

* Lab Interpretations (if provided)

* Bio-Individualized Protocol and Wellness Plan including supplements, diet, and lifestyle recommendations

Energetic Frequency Testing

Muscle or Energetic Frequency Testing (EFT) is a non-invasive technique used to uncover imbalances in your body.  When used properly, EFT can accurately reveal toxicities, pathogens, food sensitivities, food and environmental allergies, and metabolic  imbalances that contribute to dis-ease.

This appointment includes:

* Complete Health History, including dental work and emotional traumas

* Muscle or Energetic Frequency Testing; sitting or lying down

* After stressors are discovered, I will find specific solutions to create a bio-individualized protocol to achieve optimal health

This appointment can be in person or virtual.

Blood Work Review

Have you been told everything is normal, but you feel anything BUT normal?  Schedule today for a comprehensive review of labs recently drawn for a second opinion.  Don’t have labs?  Schedule here and you will receive a personalized protocol for labs to draw and a plan once results are in.

Here's How It Works

1. Schedule a Discovery
2. Work with Me One to One
3. Begin Thriving!

Kind words from clients

“Tracy is one of the most exceptional human beings I’ve ever met. She gives me permission to not be okay, to be confused, to be angry, to tell the truth, to ask questions, to be… scared. She extends genuine compassion and honors my journey. Her well is deep and wide.”

-Kyla F.