I help busy moms who are sick, tired, and overwhelmed heal their bodies, minds, and families

so that they can love their life!

Are you a mom who is sick, tired, and overwhelmed?

Do you wish you could have more energy, less brain fog, and more zest for life? Do you wish you could focus on being the wife, mother, and friend you want to be instead of managing chronic symptoms of illness?

Three ways to work with me:

One on One

Start feeling your best right away!  We will work together to get to the root of your health issues and find long-lasting solutions.  You will receive a bio-individualized protocol detailing labs, supplements, nutrition, emotional work, and lifestyle adjustments.

Frequency Testing

Muscle or Energetic Frequency Testing (EFT) is a non-invasive technique used to uncover imbalances in your body.  When used properly, EFT can accurately reveal toxicities, pathogens, food sensitivities, food and environmental allergies, and metabolic  imbalances that contribute to dis-ease.

Blood Work Review

Have you been told everything is normal, but you feel anything BUT normal?  Schedule today for a comprehensive review of labs recently drawn for a second opinion.  Don’t have labs?  Schedule here and you will receive a personalized protocol for labs to draw and a plan once results are in.

Hi there, I'm Tracy!
Hi there, I'm Tracy

I've been in your shoes
and I get it.

I know what’s it’s like to spend your days in a fog, wishing you could just focus on living the abundant life God has designed for you.  You want to feel your best, but instead of rising each morning with joy and anticipation, you wake up with dread at another day of chronic illness.  There is hope!

Here's the Plan...


Book a Discovery Call

Are we a good fit for each other?  This 15 minute phone call will help us both understand your next steps.


Schedule a 1:1

This appointment is in person or virtual and covers a lot of ground in 75 minutes.


Implement Your Personal Protocol

Begin to make necessary changes and be well on your way to feeling your best!

What Others Are Saying

I’ve known Tracy for many years, through sickness and in health. She has researched and fought relentlessly to give herself and her family the absolute BEST in healthcare today. She understands the pain and frustration of living with chronic health issues and has since made it her mission to help others find the answers they need to solve their own health crisis. Tracy’s knowledge, experience, and desire to help others makes her an incredible resource and health advocate!

-Amy J.

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